Dear Toby, (10/14/15)

Dear Toby,

Hey little man. Tonight was pretty rough. Sometimes I forget that you are just 5 years old. Sometimes I forget that your brain won’t fully develop for another two decades. I forget that at the age of 5 everything is magnified so much more. I’m sorry.

I remember when I had to move when I was about 13 years old. I hated it. That summer was the worst. The following school year wasn’t that much better. You can ask your Nanna. I can’t imagine what you are going through at the age of 5 and having to move. Not only move but getting use to living with new people. Me being around less. Not getting the individual attention you need. Sometimes I forget.

Honestly, I’m so proud of how you have done so far. Are things perfect? No. However, you’ve done an amazing job. So amazing that I do forgot how difficult all of this has been for you. You left friends. A house. Family. Routine. I’m sorry that I forgot.

I’ll do better to remember how much things have changed for you. How much all of this affects you. How much your life has changed. You have done an amazing job. I have to do better and I will.




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