Dear Toby, 3/16/15

Dear Toby, (3/16/15)

WOW, you are five years old! It’s been absolutely amazing.  I cannot explain how much pride and joy I have in you.  You are such an amazing son.  I love you so much.  The whole parenting thing is that I am suppose to provide for you.  I’m suppose to love and nurture you.  Make sure you eat right and stay out of trouble.  Make sure you learn manners and get enough sleep at night.  In truth son for as much as I do for you, you do so much more for me.  You motivate me to become a better person, a better father.  Your love that you have towards pushes me to do better.  It propels me to be a better person.  I know that you are watching me. Learning from me. Even though I interact with dozens of people each day, the most important person that I interact with is you.  I honestly do not know what I would be doing or where I would be if I did not have your love motivating me to be better.  The memory, thought, image in my head when I feel like giving up, saying something stupid or just losing it, is of you when you first see when I walk into a room.  You pop your head up.  Break into a huge smile. Then you hop right before you take off into a sprint towards me.  You do it each time I pick you up from school, Nanna’s, your mom drops you off, and today when I showed up at your birthday party.  So, did I spend a little too much for your birthday? Did i get one, two or three too many presents for you? Did I go out of my way to buy you the Angry Birds Transformers and visit no less than 4 stores and three websites trying to find them? YES. Here is the thing, all of that is nothing compared to what you give me each day.  The motivation and love to do better, to be better.  Even though you thanked me for your presents, I should be the one thanking you for everything you do for me.

Thank You Love,

Friend Dad