Question game…

I like to play the question game when I meet new people or I am making friends with someone new. The rules are pretty simple:
1. Take turns asking questions
2. You can’t ask the same question back to the other person
3. You can always choose to decline to answer a question
Like I said the rules are pretty simple.

One question that is always asked is if I am from North Korea or South Korea. Honestly, I struggle with this question. The struggle isn’t coming up with an answer but answering the question altogether. This question creates more questions in my mind. Why? How is this important? What difference does it make? What if I am from North Korea? Will you stop talking to me? Why is everyone curious?

The more “upsetting” part is when I give my answer and the response I sometimes get:
Me “South Korea”
Them “oh good” and then they let out a sigh of relief.
What? How did this turn into a good or bad thing? As if I would have answered “North Korea” then your response would have been “oh bad”. What many of the people fail to recognize is that the majority of Koreans want a unified Korea. That they would prefer to just say “I’m Korean” and leave it at that.

Another aspect that gets lost on most people that respond by saying “oh good” is that I am at this point I’m an American and not a North Korean or South Korean. That I’ve been living in the United States for 29years now. That I don’t speak Korean, don’t eat Korean food and haven’t been to Korea since I was adopted. I guess I don’t really get why being from the north or the south really matters, or how being from the south is “good” and the “north” is bad. In the end it’s not good or bad because it doesn’t matter, not to me… and honestly it shouldn’t to you.


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