Dear Toby, (2/18/14)

Dear Toby, (2/18/14)

Today we came home and I had to shovel our way into the driveway. You did a great job sitting in the car and waiting. I would look up from shoveling and see you watching me. When we finally got inside I asked if you wanted to go outside and play. Of course you said yes. I changed your clothes and sent you out.

As I was changing I heard this scraping sound coming from outside. I quickly got dressed and came outside. I saw you trying to shovel the drive way. You had picked up the big shovel and started to work. I came outside and you didn’t even notice me come out. It was an amazing thing to see.

What you must know is that when you 16 and I ask you to shovel the driveway and you decide talk back to me I’ll bring up this incident and this picture! I’ll tell you this story like a nostalgic parent, fake maybe a tear, and guilt trip you into shoveling the driveway. I’ll do this every time, no matter how much you roll your eyes or tell me you heard it a thousand times before.

Friend Dad.


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