Toby and the Broncos

Like the majority of Americans I watched the Super Bowl and like everyone else I knew the game was over after the kickoff return for a touchdown by Seattle to start the second half. If we are being honest with ourselves, by the end of the first quarter everyone had a pretty good idea that Denver was in serious trouble. However, somewhere in the back of our minds though, we thought “just maybe Manning can bring them back, just maybe”. Even the die hard Seahawks fans were tentative up until the kickoff return for a touchdown. What unfolded throughout the game was a complete meltdown by the Denver Broncos. From the first snap to fumble – sack by Peyton the game was ugly. Were there a few good moments for Denver? Yeah, they did score a touchdown and a two point conversion. Tonight’s meltdown by Toby mirrored that of the Broncos, unfortunately tonight’s meltdown didn’t have a halftime show or witty commercial breaks.

Just like Denver giving up a safety on the first play of the game, I knew I was in trouble the moment I picked up Toby. He was napping at Nanna’s and I had to wake him up from his nap to take him home. Toby woke up and looked at me and gave me a look that said “you are in for a long night.”

What followed the rest of the night was a 5minute car ride home with Toby crying the entire time. The crying continued for another 20 minutes after we got home. Finally I just put on Scooby doo and slowly the crying ceased. However, the misery kicked back up just like when Manning tossed the pick 6, Toby freaked out again when he was told we were out of Mac and cheese. The tears were ever flowing. After dinking and dunking my way to negotiating a powdered doughnut, cheese puffs accompanied by red beans and rice… don’t judge… you weren’t feeling the pressure of a 3yr old crying for 30 minutes straight… I would rather have been Peyton facing the Seahawks D-line… the tears stopped. We scored the lone touchdown by successfully completing getting a bath and brushing Toby’s teeth without incident. However, just like Manning’s fumble, the carnage wasn’t over. When Toby was told it was bed time, chaos broke loose like Pandora’s Box. Pandora’s Box included another 30minutes of crying, not wanting to watch a show, wanting to watch a show, not wanting to lay down, laying down, not wanting his stuffed puppy, wanting the puppy. Finally, just like the Super Bowl, it was over.

Toby and I had our own post game interview. He said to me “dad, I am bad right now”.

I said “it’s ok to have a bad day”.

Toby responded “I am bad now”.

Me “you can be good tomorrow”.

Toby “I’ll be bad tomorrow”.

Me “you’ll be okay tomorrow, it’s a new day”

Toby “but, okay”


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