Ever forget something? Maybe it’s one of those situations where you just can’t remember a name, maybe a place or a misplaced object. You keep thinking and thinking. You retrace your steps. Or maybe you ask a friend, giving them clues as to what you are trying to remember. Then as if out of the blue, someone says something or you see something that just clicks. Someplace in our computer like minds the memory is recalled and you blurt out a name or you rush to your drawer to find what you left there. One of the challenges of my job and even in life is remembering there are good people out there.

It’s easy for me to get bogged down in negativity at work. I read stories of terrible parents doing terrible things to their kids. I talk to kids who confess nearly unspeakable things. These things just compound in my mind. It can get to the point where you think that every parent, every family, every person is a terrible person. It’s hard to see the light when you are buried in piles of atrocities.

The Toby can be wearing. I get buried in the same routine over and over. Come home from work, pick up Toby, dinner, dishes, watch shows, play, bedtime, clean up toys, watch tv, bed, work… Then repeat… Close to 5 days a week. Some parents are thinking to themselves that this is just life, and it is for a parent. The difference is that chances are you have someone to help. To tag out with. To give you a break. Most of time it’s just Toby and I staring down each other with no option C. Honestly it wears and grinds on you.

As I fly back from Nashville to Pittsburgh I do this knowing full well that I’ll be returning to a world full of atrocities, aka work, and retiring to the grind of being essentially a single dad. This trip though has stood as a reminder that there is much more than what just happens in my world. It’s a reminder that there are great people in the world. That there are great parents like Jeremy and Amber. That there is more to life than the grind of the same routine and that surprises do happen, like surprise proposals. That people will go out of their way to help pull off amazing moments, like my friend Bennett.

Not that this visit will change anything at work or will break up my routine at home but it helps to remember these things. The thing is if we forget, like completely forget these type of things we can start to lose hope. Start to spiral down little by little. Just like not remembering a name, a place or where you put your care keys can drive you crazy.


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