Great idea

Ever have a great idea? Well an idea that you thought was great? An idea that you were sure would “wow” someone? That from start to finish it was going to be perfect? Then you tried to execute the plan.

Everything starts off ok. Things got rough for a second or two but the wheels were not off the track yet. The plan smoothed out and was going pretty good. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose and you aren’t sure where things went wrong. There are tears, crying, and yelling. Just as suddenly as it began the chaos ends and you are left standing and wondering how great of a plan was it in the first place. This pretty much sums up my night.

The plan:

1. Go home and change, then pick up Toby

2. Drive to Panera and eat

3. Stop at Kraynaks (this is a store close to my home town that has an awesome Christmas display, a green house, and a toy store)

4. Go see “Walking with Dinosaur’s” with Toby.

5. Drive home, Toby falls asleep on the ride home and end the night peacefully!

Piece of cake, right?

When I picked up Toby we had to drive past a Burger King, he started to flip out because he wanted to go to the play area there. Eventually he settled down after it was clear I wasn’t going to stop.

Then we get to Panera. This is where things smoothed out. For whatever random reason, this kid loves Panera and behaves miraculously there.

Kraynaks was good. The big bump in the road there was he wanted at $40 Lego set. It’s amazing how this kid forgot that I spent a stupid amount of money on him for Christmas. Ah but here is where him being 3 years old and not knowing the value of things helps. He ended up settling for two generic action figures that cost less than $2! Win!

The movie. Sigh. First off, I know that it seems like a good idea to get to a movie nice and early and get settled in.

Parenting tip #23431: Do not arrive before previews start! Your child will decide to climb the stairs and then jump down them two at a time.

Parenting tip #23432: movie theaters don’t carry apple juice.

Parenting tip #23433: the automatic flushers in the bathroom will scare your kid so he won’t want to pee in the potty.

Then the drive home. He didn’t sleep. In fact, Toby was amped up so much he thought it would be funny to kick off his shoe and throw his sock in the front seat while I was driving. I laugh now, but it scared the crap out of me driving at night and suddenly this small soft thing lands on my shoulder.

Ah home, safe right? Just get home and everything will be ok. Wrong. He has in the meantime pooped himself. Exciting, I know. He is also melting down because I tell him it’s bedtime. Epic melt down. Tears. Crying. Cries for momma, Nanna, anyone one but me. I change his diaper, ever try and change a diaper of a kid who is melting down?? It sucks.

I put him in bed. More tears. More cries. For the parents that say “just let them cry it out”, I say you haven’t heard my kid screaming at the top of his lungs and crying. Finally, I go in and lay down with him. Sing a few songs and by the fourth round of “twinkle twinkle little star” he’s asleep and I am left wondering how great of plan was all of this really?


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