Honestly sucks

So this is a rarity for me. Two post in essentially in less than 6hours. I apologize for the bombardment of posts. If you read my last post “Dear Toby, (12/12/13)” you read about how Toby got into trouble at daycare for pushing a kid and then subsequently blamed me. The thing is … I am to blame. Which quite honestly sucks.

I have the benefit, if you want to call it that, to work with students who have some terrible parents. In an extremely selfish way it helps me. I can compare myself to them and say “Well at least I didn’t do that” or “I’m doing better than that person”. It helps keep things in perspective.

The problem with it is that it almost gives me too much wiggle room if you will. If I am constantly comparing myself to these parents then it allows me to not be my best. The mindset is that “Well, I can do this because it’s not as bad as THAT!” Then it leads to a slippery slope down to “Well as long as I don’t do THAT, then I’m a good parent.” Again, I find myself not being my best.

At the same time I know I’m not perfect and I’m not going to be a perfect parent. I’m have and will make mistakes. It’s a fine line between pushing too hard to be a “perfect parent” and falling down that “slippery slope”.

I don’t want to be the overbearing, overprotective, overly sensitive, overly parenting parent but where is the line between being your best and being the overly parenting type? At what point do you strip away the fun because you are worried about “pushing at school” or do you toss caution to the wind and turn it into a “Do as I say, not as I do” moment?

I know that there really aren’t any right answers. That there are millions of factors that effect how a person grows up. I know that each person reading this has their own opinion. For all the parenting books that are out there that say “Do this” there are just as many that say “Do that”. In the end I can only do my best. In the end the only person that will know if I did my best will be me. Hopefully, it will be enough.


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