Dear Toby, (12/12/13)

Dear Toby, (12/12/13)

You got into trouble today. I picked you up from daycare and the teacher told me that you got into trouble for pushing. She said that when she told you that you don’t push friends, that your excuse was “but I push my dad”.

The phrase “Do as I say, not as I do” comes to mind. “Don’t push your friends, but I can dump you on the couch and knock you over with my feet.” It sounds so hypocritical, let’s be honest, it is. It’s difficult to find that line between playing around and not teaching you bad habits. It’s hard to establish boundaries and not let you pick up on my bad habits.

I know that over the next dozen or so years that you’ll pick up on many of my bad habits. I just hope you pick up on the good ones as well. When I really think about it, this was really only the 2nd “bad” day out of this whole school year so far. I think that this has to be a pretty good track record.

Hopefully by the time you are old enough to read this, you’ll have learned from my bad habits and picked up on some good ones. I’m sorry that I basically got you into trouble.

Friend Dad


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