I forgive you

I am beginning to think I need to change the title of my blog to “Bedtime stories and Life Lessons”. It seems like more and more of my posts are centered around putting Toby to bed. In reflection I realize that it’s the most relaxed environment that Toby and I are in. He isn’t jumping on my head or I’m not trying to get away to do dishes or make dinner. It’s calm, it’s peaceful.

Tonight was no different. I put Toby to bed. Downloaded a new book on my Kindle to read to him. Honestly, I would recommend a tablet of some sort for you would be parents. Real books are nice but it’s great to have a tablet handy. Plus let’s be honest, tablets are going to be the next generation of Gameboys and iPods.

Anyways, we read the book. Played story with his toys. Tonight’s story was Superman, farmer and a pair of legs… Yes literally just legs from a broken action figure fighting a “huge stuffed dog”. Turns out the “huge stuffed dog” was just a puppy and wanted to play. Everyone got “tired” and went to bed. I laid down with Toby for a few minutes. A new wrinkle in the evening has developed. A few times a week he has started to apologize for things. These aren’t just utterances of “I’m sorry” but legit apologies for things that he did. It’s actually quite incredible.

He apologized for jumping on my legs and trying to ride them like a horse. I had told him earlier that it hurt when he did that and he needed to stop. Tonight when he apologized I told him I forgave him. I figured if he knows enough to apologize for something then he should know what it means to forgive. I asked him if he knew what it meant to forgive. Of course he said no. I explained to him simply that it means that you are no longer angry with that person for what they did. I told him I forgave him. He sighed and simply responded “I love you dad”.


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