I started this post and restarted this post and then restarted it again a few times in my mind. Hell, chances are I’ll delete this and redo this part. Seems like my head is full of things and then nothing at all. Full of partial thoughts. Partial opinions but never really settling on a side. Focused on something then suddenly distracted by a fleeting thought that barely registers. Trying to force myself to think and write has simply caused me to jumble the mess in my head even more.

Ever have one of this days where you have things to do but you don’t HAVE anything to do? Feels like that in my mind. I have various thoughts, worries, ideas, day dreams, and objectives but they seem to just crash into each other. I picked up Toby from daycare and they gave me some of his “art” work. I chuckled because it looks like how my mind feels. Lines drawn, not finished yet nothing more to do, abstract but suppose to be something.


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