Gut shot

It’s late. Ok, not that late. It feels like it’s late. Looking around, you don’t see any windows. That’s the point right? They don’t want you to realize how much time has passed. They are banking, literally banking on you losing track of time. That’s one of the reasons they don’t allow cell phones at the table. Let’s be honest, everyone uses their phones to see what time it is, even if they are wearing a watch. Yep, I’m at a casino. (Ok not really, but I’ve been there)

I haven’t gone that many times. I’ve gone about 4 times. By my estimation I’m up about $300 on the house. I’ve lost some money but I’ve also had some decent wins. Here’s the key, and it sounds cliche as hell, but you need to know when to walk away. Also, check your emotions at the door. The casino is banking, and again literally banking, on your emotions. They want you to get emotionally invested because if you emotionally invested then you will be financially invested. That’s where they win. That’s where you lose.

Call me unemotional, call me an ass, call me heartless but I think we let our emotions get the best of us too often. We get invested. We get in deep. Too deep. Then when it’s time to walk away, time to cut your losses, whatever saying you want to use, we can’t. We just can’t do it. So what happens? We invest more. We think if we just push harder then our “luck” will change. That the more we pour in, the more we’ll get out. Again, that’s how the house wins and you lose.

I’m not saying emotions are bad. They are natural so they can’t be that bad, but too often we rely on our emotions and ignore our minds. We depend on a “gut” feeling and ignore the facts. Now, does it sometimes work out? Yeah! We as the gamblers, we are counting on that. We are hoping that one time we beat the odds and win big. Let me ask you though… When was the last time you won big? You won big on a gut shot? I’m not talking about you guessing a jeopardy question right or winning a scratch off at a gas station, I’m talking about winning huge, like lottery huge. The kinda huge that just simply changed your life around and put you on another level. Chances are, you haven’t. Chances are if you’ve been successful at all, you have worked your butt off. You have made smart choices. You didn’t just react on a gut decision and you walked away from something more often than take a risk.

We gamble on love way to much. We rely on out feelings and emotions to carry us through. We take a gut shot and then get shot in the gut. What if we stopped? What if we used our brains more than we used our gut? What if we approached love like we do our careers. Many of you went to college for at least four years before you started working in your field and yet we’ll jump into a relationship at the drop of a hat. I’m not saying there isn’t room for feelings and emotions, those are the signals that something could be there. The potential. But just like every black jack hand, there is always a potential. Always a chance. But how often do you win at black jack? My guess is that black jack odds are better than finding true love.

Maybe it’s my cynical mind and view but I think if we gambled less on love and maybe approached it more like our careers we wouldn’t lose to the house as much. Or maybe I’m just rambling senselessly and I should just watch World War Z.


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