Mind readers

As many of you know I’m a huge sports junky. I love watching the NFL, NBA, college football, Duke basketball, MMA, I’m even planning on watching the huge boxing match tonight with Mayweather. I was watching the Patriots vs Jets game. The game was ugly. When I think of ugly, I think of the old joke you use to say to each other in grade school. “You so ugly your mom use to have to tie a steak around your neck to get the dog to play with you!” Good times. The game was ugly because the Jets suck. As in they could be historically bad. The Patriots and Tom Brady were throwing to WR’s that looked like they just joined the team during the national anthem. It was bad!

So Tom Brady was throwing to this rookie who dropped catch after catch after catch. This kid looked like he dipped his hands in some grease before the game. Brady look pissed. He was yelling, screaming and probably tossed a few four letter words in there. I thought to myself during one of the drops “Man this guy doesn’t even care! Look at him drop another pass!”

Flashback to Michael Jordan getting cut from his 10th grade basketball team. At this time Michael Jordan isn’t MJ or his Airness but instead just another kid who wants to try and make his high school basketball team. In many respects you can Michael a failure after getting cut, but can you say he didn’t care enough? Not after what he did when he grew up, becoming the greatest of all time.

So this rookie WR drops another ball. He is failing. He at this point in his career is pretty much a failure. But does he really not care? I doubt it. I bet that playing in that game, playing with the Patriots, just trying to catch balls from Brady was the most important thing to him. I think too often we equate failure as not caring. We think that just because someone fails they obviously didn’t care enough. That if they want to be successful they should “care” more. That if a relationship falls apart, that someone didn’t care enough. If someone constantly messes up, they simply don’t give a crap. We need to be careful thinking we are mind readers. We tell a person or act like a person doesn’t care long enough, eventually they won’t care. They won’t care because you stopped caring. Failure is not indicative of a person’s level of caring.


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