… found on a train.

So Friday I turn 32. Well… At least that’s what I’m told. That’s what my mom was told. See the thing is, I could be older or younger. Right about now some of you are really confused or excited. The excited ones are saying “Wait, you have an option??!!” The confused ones are asking “huh??”

I’ll explain. I don’t know how much I’ve covered this but I was found on a train when I was a baby in Pusan, South Korea. See when you get found on a train, typically you don’t have a ton of paperwork with you. It’s the ultimate in light packing. Well, the story goes that in fact I did have a piece of paper with a day and month. Not sure how accurate this is. As it goes, I’m told that it had my birthday on it and the year wasn’t added.

Some really smart people figured out that you can basically guess a person’s age through looking at the development of their teeth. So through this process I was given a really good guesstimation of my age, plus or minus a year. The difficult part was how malnourished I was and chanced are that’s why there could be such a discrepancy about my age. I’m told that when I was 3yrs old I was the size of an 18month old baby. That’s half the “normal” size. I can see where this may complicate matters as far as narrowing down an age. Who knows! Maybe I was an 18month old at the time.

So, I say all of that to say that whatever age I am, we’ll say 31, has been tough, interesting, good, sad, joyful, lonely, and amazing. I expect nothing less from being 32. While I might not know my exact age, I do know I’m getting older. That I lived another year of life. That in many aspects I’ve grown as a person. At the same time, I know I’ve got a long way to go. That I have a lot to learn. Hopefully being 32 will teach me something. Honestly, I can’t complain. When I think about, really pause to think about, things are really good for starting life out by being found on a train.


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