Dear Toby, (8/31/13)

Dear Toby, (8/31/13)

Hey son. I hope that when you are reading this you are doing well. If not, you’ll be ok. You’re a tough kid. I’ve seen your toughness in your eyes when you’ve fallen down and wiped the dirt off your knees or the flashes of defiance in your eyes when you don’t want to give up on something. You were a tough kid, you’ll be a tough young man and then a man.

I was looking at pictures of you. It’s insane to me how fast you have grown up in just a short amount of time. There was a time when you were pretty much just a little bowling ball that rolled around and couldn’t do much.

I came to pick you up at daycare the other day and I notice something was wrong with your feet. You had your shoes on the wrong feet and your socks inside out. My first reaction was to get mad at your teachers for doing this. Then one of the teachers said this is the way you wanted it. Quickly I realized that it was one of those moments when you were trying to grow up, trying something on your own. Chances are you gave the teacher that look of defiance, wanting to do it yourself. I know the look. I’ve seen it. Given it. You keep growing up. Just not too fast.

Friend Dad


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