Get through the day…

So it’s 12:25am. Am I asleep? Hecks no! I’m laying here, on my phone, clicking this post out to you all. There is seriously something wrong with me. Why can’t I be inspired to post when Toby is watching “Sleeping Beauty” for the 12th time in two days? Why can’t I think of something while I am watching “Hell on Wheels”?? (Great show by the way, 3rd season just started, seasons 1 and 2 can be found on Netflix). Seriously though. This is insane.

Ok, now that that’s out of my system. So tomorrow is a big day. It’s our yearly inspection at work. It’s when the state of Pennsylvania comes in and makes sure that the facility is following all the rules and regulations and that everything is running smooth. Needless to day, it’s a pain in the ass. Not because of the people coming to do the inspection but because of the people worried about the inspection!

Ok, I should probably clarify some things. See the inspectors are suppose to find things wrong. It’s their job! They are going to find something wrong. I have a feeling if an inspector came back and said that there was nothing wrong with our place they would immediately get fired! No, it’s the people that worry about the inspection because its a bunch of catch-up! No, not the stuff you put on fries, but literally catching up on all the crap that should have happened throughout the year. It turns into “who is the biggest chicken with their head cut off” contest, but not nearly as bloody… Well…

Anyways, I was having a discussion with a caseworker the other day. We were talking about the role that government plays and how we are essentially taking away individuals reasons for working if we keep giving them hand outs. It was an interesting talk because we both work in a field that is essentially paid for by the government, to parent kids because either their parents can’t parent them or they have too many problems for a parent to parent. So, I brought up the point that the government steps in because they don’t trust the people. The caseworker replied that she doesn’t trust the government, which I found highly ironic because she works for the state and well in many cases is the “government”. We ended the conversation agreeing that no matter how you look at it, things are pretty messed up and not a whole lot we can do about. I honestly don’t know what this story has to do with the post itself but I thought it was funny that a caseworker essentially said she didn’t trust herself.

So back to this whole inspection. This is probably the most important event that will happen all year. It’s insane because the entire time leading up to the event you feel so unprepared, the day is coming, there will be problems, you can’t stop them and the best you are hoping for is to just get through the day. We’ve all experienced this sensation in one form or another. Weddings are best examples I can think of. If you have ever been married or been in a wedding you know that no matter how many hours that have been put into planning the event you never really ever feel completely prepared. And yet… It still happens. You get through the day. Are problems here or there? Sure. In the end though, you get through the day.

I think sometimes in life we want to be prepared for everything. We want to have all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. I know I do. Then there are times when you can’t prepare anymore. That time has run out and life is happening whether you like it or not. The inspectors are coming, the bride is walking down the isle, the kids are walking across a stage. It’s happening. We do the best we can. In the end sometimes all we can hope for is to just get through the day.


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