So dumb and so relieved

Ok so I know it’s like 12:28am! Jeez. For some odd reason I get inspired around this time. Maybe it was the kettle jalapeño chips I had. Very tasty by the way!

Well I’m not here to talk about chips, I already had that conversation with a friend. It got intense. Words like sea salt, baked and sour cream were thrown around.

No, tonight is about getting lost. I’ve posted on this subject quite a few times. I think I have documented a decent amount about how much I hate being lost! Let’s face it, once you are abandon on a train you tend to want to know where you are going at all times. This is a different kind of lost. You know those friends that dive head first into a relationship? That dive so deep that they just disappear? As in you go from seeing them everyday to not seeing them for months at a time? It’s that kind of lost that I am talking about, people who get lost in relationships.

The thing about being lost is that you have a tendency to lose perspective. Funny story about a time I lost perspective in New York. My ex and I went to New York city years ago, back on college. It was honestly a great trip. We walked around, ate great food, had a blast.

We drove into the city earlier in the day. We paid a crazy amount of money for all day parking at a parking garage. At some point the thought of the parking garage closing crept into one of our minds. We pulled out the ticket to see that the ticket said it closed at 9pm. We were on the other side of the city. It was around 8:30pm. Crap.

I don’t know why but we had this thought that the parking garage closing meant that our car was going to be locked inside. So we hurried as fast as we could go get to the other side of the city. We get to the garage a little after 9. The gate is down. Crap. The ex, starts crying. I start to panic. I keep it together long enough to see that there was a random door bell/intercom system. I press the button. A man with a thick accent replies, asking what I want. Panicking, I tell him my car is locked inside the parking garage and I need in to leave!

After what felt like an eternity, two men come down out this side door. I ask them for help. Completely dumbfounded they look at me for a moment. Then they motion for me to follow them. We go to the other side of the building. The gate is up.

Yeah, the garage closed at 9pm. That meant they were not allowing anymore cars in. The exit gate was open. In that moment I felt so dumb and so relieved. I lost perspective. It took two complete strangers who thought that I was a complete idiot to help me see what was right in front of my face.

In relationship there is a tendency to dive in deep. So deep you get lost. You lose perspective. You cut ties with good friends, friends that can help keep you grounded. Friends that can help give you that perspective you might need. We do it with family too. Just get lost and lose all touch. Too often we go caving into a relationship but we cut off the guide wire and then we can’t find our way back.

I’m happy to say a friend has found their way back. I missed you. Next time though, try and not get so lost.


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