Do Something!

Just over a month ago, my buddy Jeremy did a one month challenge where he committed to working out everyday for a month. He did a vlog and posted on a Facebook site: . At first I thought that a month seems like forever! And everyday? Come on, you need a break once on awhile right? Then of course I got to thinking … It’s just a month. And I do need to get into shape.

So I talked to a buddy at old man bball. He suggested I jump rope. I don’t have to go anywhere. The workouts are quick and really challenging but at the same time I can go at my pace. I took him up on his advice. I went to my local Walmart and bought a cheap $3 jump rope, a arm band for my phone and downloaded a jump rope app.

I’ve jumped roped for 3 out of 5 days… Two of those days I played softball and basketball. My goal is to Do Something for the next 30 days. Either jump rope, run, play bball, softball, or just SOMETHING!

Now here is the problem, I am tired. My legs are sore, my butt cheeks are sore… Yeah I said it, my ankle hurts, and I really really don’t want to jump rope tonight. I know I should. I know if I give up now… There is a good chance I won’t start back up again. That this will be just another failed experiment. I’m just about ready to tap out, toss in the towel, to raise the white flag. Then I think about why I am doing this. I’m doing this to be healthier. To live longer. To have more energy when I play with Toby. To be able to push myself a little harder in softball and bball. These are the things that are propelling me. So… My goal is 550 jumps tonight. I may not reach that. But at least I’ll DO SOMETHING!


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