Fighting words

As humans we don’t give up easily. My primary example is a game called “Candy Crush”. Maybe you have heard of it. Maybe you have thrown your phone at a wall because of it. Maybe you have done the “Tiger Woods fist pump” completely involuntarily because of it. While I haven’t tossed my phone at the wall, I have been observed emphatically celebrating as I beat levels 97, 146, and 200.

See the makers of “Candy Crush” depend on our unwillingness to give up. No matter how bad we fail or how close we get and fail. They know that we’ll come back more and more determined. I’ve seen and heard testimony of people being on a level for weeks!! Still they play. On a grander scale I started watching a show called “Hell on Wheels”. It’s setting focuses on the expansion west, just after Abraham Lincoln is assassinated. It follows the Union Pacific Railroad and it’s attempt to connect the east and west coasts. I get that it’s a tv show and that many of the incidents are probably exaggerated, but it does depict the human nature of not wanting to give up, despite the odds.

Here’s the thing though. There are simply things not worth fighting for. I think this human spirit gets caught up in believing it has to fight for everything or against everything. We get pulled into petty and stupid arguments that lead to nothing or worse destruction. Too many times we go down the rabbit hole and we don’t find wonderland but we find more pain and sorrow. While I firmly believe that it’s good to have dreams and to follow them to its fullest, at what point do we begin to prioritize these endeavors. Recently, I have found myself wasting time on things and people that add nothing to my life. Pursuing things that bare no fruit. The little extra energy I have is getting wasted on things that just lead to a dead ends. So, I need to shift gears and refocus. There are things in my world worth fighting for, worth not giving up. The main one is a crazy 3yr old that calls me dad. The little bit of extra energy that I was using on stupid things, I can put into him. Playing a little bit longer with him, reading one more story, and taking him to the park one more time. Fighting is not the issue, it’s what you’re fighting for.


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