Nothing. Really … Nothing.

A friend was telling me about a time in which she ran into an “ex” from high school and it was super awkward because some crazy stuff went down “back then” and they hadn’t talked in four years. Talk about one of those moments that should be board line illegal. Everyone has had those moments where things happen when its “awkward” or you ask a question but you already know the answer before it you even ask the question, and as the words are coming out you wish you hadn’t asked?? Yeah… We’ve been on both sides. Either asking the question or answering it. That awkward moment.

One awkward moment that keeps popping up for me is the question “what are you up to tonight?” Well lets see…. Single dad of a three year old. Hmmm pretty much nothing. The kid goes to sleep by 9pm. Not like I can leave the kid home alone. I can’t take him out with me to a bar or club. Even going out to dinner is hassle. This is the same kid that I take to McDonalds and he climbs over the seat and begins jumping in the booth behind me. Also the same kid who was just running around with a fork and I was more worried that he was going to stab me than himself.

So yeah… The answer to the question “what are you up to tonight?” For the next… Um… 10-12years will probably be the same… Nothing. Really… Nothing.


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