Dear Toby (7/14/13)

Dear Toby (7/14/13),

Hey little man. I realize as I am typing this out that chances are when you read this you won’t be so little. Chances are you’ll be 16, 17, even an adult with kids of your own. Either way you’ll still be my little man. It’s been a crazy few weeks. I went on vacation for a wedding to Nashville. You stayed with Nanna. I was gone for five days. I had a blast but missed you constantly.

I am constantly amazed by how fast you are growing up and the information you are retaining. I think only as a parent will you understand what that’s like. I couldn’t imagine missing this time with you. I couldn’t imagine going days without seeing you. Hugging you. Kissing your cheeks. Having you “attack” me.

I know at some point you’ll grow up and not want to do those things. That you’ll go off with your friends and maybe even gone a few days. I know you’ll rather go to the movies with a friend than stay at home. Those days are coming. They’ll be here before I know it. That’s why I’m so happy to have this time with you. These moments. There are only a certain amount of these moments left. I don’t know how many or when they’ll run out. That’s why I try and do my best to be patient with you and enjoy.

Friend Dad


One thought on “Dear Toby (7/14/13)

  1. I absolutely love this letter. I hope you handwritten it and keep it sealed in a special place along with other things you wish to keep for memories sake. Time flies and before you know it they are grown and no longer babies!

    This inspires me to do one again. The last time I wrote one was when I was still carrying her.

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