Socks and smiles

So when I was in Nashville last week my buddy Jeremy and I were about to leave his house and pick up a few things. Jeremy was getting ready to leave and he put on a fresh pair of socks. He looks at me and says “you know if I was super rich I would wear a new pair of socks every day, of course I would donate them after I wore them but just wear a brand new pair everyday.”

So that got us thinking about how much it would cost to pull this off and surprisingly it wasn’t that expensive. We ended up calculating to wear a new pair every would about $3,000. Obviously pricing varies due to the socks that you wear.

Many if you already know that later last week I was in a wedding. Of course we had to get tuxedos and get all dressed up. I don’t know if this was always the case but they included a new pair of socks to wear. When I put them on I thought back to the conversation that Jeremy and I had and realized how right he was. How great it is to put on a new pair of socks. Something new. Something that no one else wore. Something that wasn’t bent or distorted or stretched but when you slip it on it just feels right and feels good. I smiled as I put on the fresh pair of socks.

Buying socks and wearing new pair everyday would be a luxury that the likes of Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Micheal Jordan and so many other millionaires would consider pulling off. To them it would be almost an insignificant luxury that they might not even think about it and just do. For the likes of you and I, unless for some reason a multi-millionaire is reading this, it’s a luxury that would be ridiculous and absurd.

Sometimes I think that for many of us, we don’t do enough for ourselves. We don’t buy ourselves a new pair of socks. We wear the ones with holes in them. The ones that are stretched and twisted. Maybe we wear a green one and a blue one because the washer or dryer ate the other. Too often we deny ourselves small but significant luxuries that won’t necessarily make us happy and solve all of our problems but may just put a smile on our faces for few moments.


2 thoughts on “Socks and smiles

  1. This made me smile! Lol who knew socks could do that. I feel the same way when I buy new silky stockings. Does it qualify?

    Oh to be a Rockerfeller

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