The greatest of all

Time is an interesting thing. It can move incredibly slow or fly by in a blink of an eye. We have all heard people describe time in various contexts. My buddy Adam said that the first time he baby sat Toby it felt like it was for two hours, when in reality, it was about 15minutes. Yet it seems just like yesterday I moved from Nashville back to Pennsylvania. Time is an incredible thing. It stops for no man. It is truly the champion of all things.

So far during this vacation time has steamrolled ahead. The wedding flew by and the whole vacation seemed like a blur. Yet it seems like I’ve been away from Toby for forever. Still, back at work things keep moving ahead, I get texts about this issue or that. Time and life doesn’t care that I’m on vacation. It doesn’t care that this is suppose to be a time to relax and get it away, it marches on.

I’ve ranted about how so much of my life is on a schedule. How I’ve put Toby on a schedule. I give him count downs, I plan out the day and try and stick to it. So often I think that to a very large degree I put my entire life on a great big schedule. I wanted to graduate college by this date. Married by at least this time. Have a kid by the time I’m this old.

How often do we put these lofty expectations on time? That we try and put a timetable on our lives? Schedule when we want this or that to happen? I think as people, humans, and a generation we put too much pressure on time. It’s weird to say… Pressure time. We set these expectations and then when they don’t happen, what follows? Disappointment, sadness, anger, and frustration. Not that I am going to completely ignore time or change the way I schedule my daily life, especially with Toby, but maybe… I take some of that pressure off of time. Maybe I lower my expectations of when I want things. Here’s catch in all of this, too much of our lives are uncontrollable, the greatest of all is time.


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