Everything looks so small. Houses, roads, fields, highways. You can’t even make out cars or people. Clouds slip under the window. They look like cotton balls floating through the air. The sun seems brighter up here. Hotter even. It’s a big world, yet everything seems so small.

My buddy Dietrich was telling me about this cool coffee place down in Nashville called “Just Love Coffee”. The owner apparently inherited a nice sum of money. As anyone would do, he began traveling. He travelled to Africa and adopted two boys. Then he founded a fair trade coffee shop and began buying coffee direct from the farmers all over the world. My buddy Dietrich served some of this coffee to me this weekend. I’ll just say it was pretty darn good. Then thoughts began to trickle into my mind. How crazy is it that I am drinking coffee from half way around the world? That a farmer harvested the coffee beans himself. That the majority of the money used to purchase the coffee will end up in his hand. It’s a big world, yet everything seems so small.

I spent a great deal of time this weekend explaining to people what I do. It’s hard to convey the tragedies and atrocities that I read and hear about on a regular basis to someone in just a few minutes. I share stories and experiences, all the while cautioning people that there are some truly messed up people out there. That they need to be careful. They don’t have a particular look, build, or style. I know many brushed off my warnings with thoughts that they’ll never have to worry about it or not in my neighborhood. It’s a big world, yet it seems so small.

It was good for me to have this vacation. It helped to remind me that there was more out there than terrible things that I deal with. That there is more than the small town that I live in. That there are great people in this world like Jenn, Dietrich, Adam, Emily, Bennett, Jeremy, and Amber. That even though the world can seem small, it’s still very big.


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