“Shhhh, listen”

“Shhhh, listen. Oh what’s that?” Said Toby yesterday night.

No we weren’t playing hid and go seek, looking for bugs, or listening to sun (Toby thinks he can hear the sun rise). No, Toby was peeing in the potty. For me this was the first time he peed in the potty for me. He’s peed in the potty for Nanna, daycare, STBX, Uncle Roo… But up until yesterday, he hadn’t for me.

Now, generally I think of myself as a pretty good dad. I work hard, provide for the little man, make sure he has shows to watch, feed him, etc. However the potty thing has just slipped my mind. It’s not that I don’t want him to be potty trained, cuz I do! I just forget. When you’re use to just changing a diaper and not really worrying about it, well I just… Forget. Which is ironic because use a timetable and schedule for everything with Toby. I give him 15 minute and 10 minute countdowns for when it’s bedtime. I tell him the plans for the day constantly. More often then not though, the plans seem to skip potty time.

I realized how important potty time was until I picked up Toby and one of the daycare workers asked me if I wanted to try and have Toby wear big boy underwear. In my mind I was thinking “really??? The kid that poops and pees himself like he gets paid seven figures to do it?” Of course I didn’t say that. I do gave a look of confusion and said “really??”

The really nice daycare worker explained that Toby goes most of the day in a clean diaper because of potty time and rarely needs a new diaper. Then I felt shame as I sheepishly responded that well… Dadda is the one holding Toby back. That I um… Simply forget… 🙂

Ah there is nothing like the courteous yet disappointing glare from a daycare workers that has spent hours helping to potty train your child as you tell them that in fact most days you undo all of their hard work because you “forget”. When I got that look, I knew it was serious. I knew that this… This potty training was serious business and that I, as the primary parent and father, needed to get on board or else.

So, with that said… My little schedule that I give Toby in the evening and weekends will now have potty time. We play this game called “shhhhh, listen” and I plan on being the best at it! Well… The best supporting figure in the game.


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