Tree tops

So I was laying in bed. Ok now let me dispel any bad thoughts that might have just popped up. It was 3pm and I had just woken up from a nap. I was fully clothed. (Ok, now that that’s out of the way) I was laying in bed and I was looking outside through my sliding glass doors and was watching the wind blow through the tops of some trees. It was actually quite peaceful to just lay there and watch. It was fascinating to see the wind kick up and the tree tops wave to and fro.

It got me thinking about being flexible. The tree tops are flexible enough that they give just enough not to snap but ridged enough to not get blown over. As human beings sometimes we go from one extreme to another. Some of us are the types to literally bend over backwards for people. They get blown all over the place and many times simply get blown over. Others are too ridged. They won’t bend for anyone. They won’t change or adjust to their surroundings. I work with a guy so set in his ways that he simply believes he’s right all of the time. He’s unwilling to accept feedback and simply cannot adjust. Those people snap. Or get up rooted. The pressure of the wind and life will break them.

For me I’m trying to find that balance. Like the tree. When do I need to be flexible and when do I need to drive my roots deep into the ground? I suppose that’s really the trick to the tree’s flexibility. The deep roots that it has. The roots keep the tree anchored so that the rest of the tree can bend and flex without having to worry about being blown away. In the end I am learning that I need to have deep roots and still be flexible when necessary. Life is full of changing winds, if you don’t have both you’ll either snap or get blown away.


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