I’m tired today.

I’m tired today. My legs feel like concrete blocks dragging under me, my eyes keep watering when I yawn, I’m having trouble staying awake. It’s a good kind of tired. Ever so slowly I’m learning that there are good reasons to be tired and bad reasons.

The good tired is staying up late having a great conversation with a friend. Running around chasing my son at the park after a long day of work. Staying up and cleaning the house so that it doesn’t feel chaotic. These are just a few examples I can think of. A good tired is when you think about why you’re tired and a small weak smile crosses your face. A good tired is if someone asked you “would you do it again?” The answer is always “yes”.

Too many times these past few months I’ve been the bad tired. The tired where you stay up late for no reason and you’ve accomplished nothing. The tired in which you lay in bed all night thinking how you could have done something different. Or being up all night with a coughing child. These are the tired days that you never want to happen again. The days in which you would trade a nice sum of money to avoid.

Today is a good tired. I’m happy that I’m tired.


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