Egg Shells

So most Saturday mornings Toby loves to sit and watch me cook breakfast. He’ll put the bread in the toaster and push down the lever. He likes to toss the turkey bacon on the pan. As much fun as that is for a 3yr old, there is one thing he loves most and that’s cracking eggs. The first time I let him do it was mistake. He smashed the egg on the counter. Awesome. The second time was better but he left more egg on the counter than in the shells. Finally, I got him to control himself just little bit so now he just taps the egg, most of the time it doesn’t even crack, and then he hands the egg to me. I’m always nervous though because there’s always a chance he’ll hulk out and smash the egg on the counter.

I went to a wedding the other day and the term “Walking on egg shells” came to mind. It was a rural wedding, I mean come on the invitations had a set of deer antlers on it. Not only that, I wore a pair of American Eagle jeans and I may have been over dressed. All of that though just sets up the context of me walking in and SURPRISE! I’m the only minority! It’s doubly difficult because not only am I normally the only minority, I’m the only Asian minority. It’s hard to explain to people that don’t understand, sorry white people this means you, what it feels like to walk into a room full of people that look nothing like you. Not that it’s the right thing but I honestly automatically feel like I am walking on egg shells.

I guess the thing I am always worried about is the rogue person who is just drunk enough to come up and say something stupid. Cuz lets be honest, weddings + alcohol = people saying stupid things. Most of the time you don’t need alcohol or a wedding for people to say something stupid.

I remember one time I ran into a group of students from Carnegie Mellon University. They were all Korean. It was one of the most surreal thing to walk into their house and literally see Koreans coming out of every room. Again, so hard to explain how that moment feels when you no longer have to walk on egg shells. No longer having to worry about someone asking you a dumb question like are you from the north or the south, or do you see differently because of how your eyes are shaped.

In the end there isn’t really a solution to it all. I’ve been walking on egg shells all my life, just like Toby learning to crack the eggs gently, the walking is becoming easier and less messy, but there’s always a chance I’m gonna get yoke all over the place.


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