The other 90%

I’m sweeping the floor. Now mind you I’m not vacuuming the floor but actually using a broom and dust pan. Part if this is because the majority of my house is not carpeted. The other part is… Well I want it done right.

The past few days, maybe weeks I’ve been finding myself being more “domestic” by that I mean… Cleaning.. Alot! Typically I would clean when I got mad or angry. I have no idea why but I would. I would go on sprees of cleaning. Busting out mops, sprays, rags, etc. But now… Now I’m cleaning because… I like it? A sense of control? Order? Peace? Not sure. Maybe it’s all of that wrapped in one.

Either way, it’s a change. My life right now is full of changes. Some good, some bad. Not that I’m not use to change. I moved from Pa to Nashville and then back again. I’ve done sales and case manager. Been a therapist and led children’s church. So change isn’t new. I guess the difference is that much of what’s happening is that I don’t have much control of. I made the choice to move, to help with the church, accept a position. Not that I don’t have a say in what’s going on but many times it simply doesn’t matter.

So I clean. Why? Because I have a say if my house looks like a tornado, aka Toby, went through it or not. I can dictate when I clean, how much, and where. There’s a famous quote that’s been requoted a hundred times. It goes “90% of life is uncontrollable, the other 10% is how you react to it.” This is just my way of reacting to the other 90%.


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