The porch wasn’t at fault

Some of you know that in the past year my dad bought me a house. I am eternally grateful for it. It’s become a perfect home for Toby. Nice and open with plenty of room for Toby to be crazy in. It has some fixing up that needs to be done, but don’t we all?

My mom recently asked me if I wanted a porch put on the front of the house and if so, did I want it to span across the entire front of the house. Now for many of you a porch doesn’t seem like a big thing but it is for me. Some of my fondest memories have taken place on a porch. I distinctly remember when it would rain I would play on the porch for hours. We had this huge porch swing that I loved sit on. It would consume entire days. I also remember just sitting on the porch waiting for my “dad” to come get me and never showing up. (If you want more details look at the “Who am I?”page)

One of the things that I talk to my students about is not letting their past stand in the way of future. Many of my students have face and experienced terrible things. Too often I think we let out past dictate the future. We let it get in the way of our happiness and the happiness of others. In short we need to leave the past in the past.

Not only do we let the past dictate too much but we blame silly things for what happened. Some how we put stock into something and think that an object or situation is to blame. We hear a song that reminds us of a heartbreak, we change the station or a certain smell sends us reeling back to a distant memory. Too often we let these things impede our happiness. It isn’t the songs fault or the smells fault for what happened. It just happened. It’s in the past. For me I can’t let the one of the most painful memories dictate my future. I know deep down, Toby will love a porch. He’ll spend hours there, just like I did on rainy days. After all the porch wasn’t at fault.


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