Talking to myself

So, I love eating wings. Right now the best place to get wings is a place called Our Gangs down in Sharon, Pa. If you didn’t know better and you simply just drove past Our Gangs, you would think that it was just a regular bar. Even going inside is really nothing that special. There are TVs, a bar, darts, and digital juke box. You can’t miss the typical bathrooms that are uncomfortably too small for having a stall and two urinals. Then… Oh but then you order the wings! You transport from a typical bar to a mystical place that serves some of the best tasting wings ever. It’s magical.

The best part of Our Gangs is that they don’t try and be something they’re not. It would be easy for them to go commercial and move into a nice upscale restaurant with a spacious bathroom, TVs that don’t have 4-5 second delays between them, and hire a DJ on Friday nights. But that’s not who they are. They know on the outside they look like any other bar and when you walk in it seems like any other bar, but when you sit down and eat their wings, you’re on a different planet. That’s who they are.

I had a conversation with a student the other day about answering the question “who am I?” I asked him to answer the question, he looked at me like I just asked him to chop off his arm and sell it to me. He had a basic idea but outside of age, race and why he was where he was, he had no clue. The conversation continued about how it’s important to know who you are, that way no matter what is going around you, you can remain constant. The young man is facing some major changes in his life. It’s amazing how many times talking issues out with my students, I end up talking to myself.

It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos, the peer pressure, life pressure. With the changes in my life I have found myself getting a little lost. I need to draw myself back in and realize and remember who I am. I have a pretty good grasp of who I am. I just need to remember to go back to it. I don’t need to be something I’m not. It would be easy for me to make drastic changes and make excuses for poor choices, but that’s not who I am. I’m consistent, reliable, methodical and sometimes an ass 🙂

Getting lost and being something I’m not, isn’t an option. The Beast needs me to be the best that I can be. I need to be who I am.


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