Every intention

I had every intention to rant about how I was going to stop drinking coke and how I was inspired by friends to get healthier. Then one of those moments happened. One of those moments that I talked about in my post titled Car Accidents and UFO’s. Those mild panic attacks.

Trying to type this while I am in the middle of one. Very difficult because my mind is racing a bazillion miles a second. Thoughts like “This shit just got real”, “how am I going to pay for this?”.

The pressing ones are about Toby. “Is he going to like preschool?”
“What if he hates it?”

Some where work randomly pops in. “Am I doing a good job?”
“Am I doing the best I can for these kids?”
“Did I miss anything?”

“Black Keys concert”

“What if he just goes to preschool and screams?”
“Do I need a second job?”
“I wonder if county market is hiring?”

“God, this really sucks”

“Thank God for my mom”

“Great isn’t Mother’s Day right around the corner?”

“I really have no idea what I’m doing.”


All questions, no answers.


4 thoughts on “Every intention

  1. The good thing is, even if Toby does go to preschool and scream initially, he’ll eventually get over it. I had a preschooler one year, who cried the first couple of weeks of preschool, but she eventually joined in the fun and made friends. It all works out. 🙂 Hugs.

  2. Hailey cried and screened every day until after we left for the first month. Now, she pushes us out the door.

    It seems as thought county market is always hiring.

    I don’t think you have forgotten anything. Well, that depends. Did you get that $300 check in the mail to me yet?

    From what I see, you are doing this right.

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