The Beast

I awake to the sounds of the beast. Try as I may to lay still, to hide, to blend in the beast finds me. I play dead. The beast doesn’t buy it. It claws, pounces, and cries out demanding to be fed. Finally, I give it.

I fetch the beast his cold brown liquid. The beast is pleased, but only for a moment. The beast demands to be entertained! I turn to my magic box. The magic box casts images and it blares sounds that engage the beast. The beast is pleased.

I feebly attempt to feed myself. I scamper off to the kitchen. On cue the beast follows. The beast likes to keep careful watch. I believe he thinks I may escape. Satisfied that I am not attempting to leave, the beast demands a portion of my food. I comply. The beast is pleased, but only for a moment.

The beast again demands entertainment. This time in the form of combat. The beast engages first. Slamming himself into me. The head, the beast’s deadliest weapon. I have been left bloodied and bruised because of the beast’s head. Not only is it the hardest part of the beast body but he cries out noises and utterances that I yet to fully understand.

Again, he engages. Charging forth. I defend myself. Tossing him away. Still he comes back for more. I parry the head away, only to get kicked by legs and feet. That may leave a bruise tomorrow. The beast wheels around, dipping under my arms, then shooting upward, slamming the top of his head into my jaw. Once again the beast has bested me.

There’s no rest for the wicked, the beast demands to be fed again. He demands the magic box. I fetch both. He is not pleased. The magic box is not giving him the right images and sounds. Ignoring the fact that this was sufficient enough earlier, he demands other set of images and sounds. I comply. The beast is not pleased. He wants the images and sounds that I just had on. Again, I comply.

I look to the horizon, searching for hope. Nothing. The beast cries out again. My day continues.

Upon the horizon, there is a reflection. My eye catches it. The beast sees it as well. The beast unleashes a frenzy of energy, running around and uttering noises. The knight. The knight riding in on a white stallion. The only true person who can tame the beast. The beast knows. The beast is pleased. The knight approaches the cave. Clear as a bell the beast cries out “NANNA!”

The beast is pleased.


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