Finish a puzzle

Growing up I always enjoyed doing puzzles. I suppose it appealed to my inner organizer because I saw chaos and had to put it together. Puzzles were always something I had to finish. Once I started it, I had to finish it. I remember being up way past my bed time trying to finish a puzzle.

I remember taking pieces and turning them and putting them with other pieces to see if it fit. Not only does a piece have to fit but then it has to look right too. There are this crazy puzzles where you will get pieces that look right but after you put more of the puzzle together you realize that they don’t fit at all.

One of the things I am realizing more and more is that “fit” is so important. You can get a higher paying job, a more attractive spouse, even move to a new area, if you don’t fit then none of it matters. The just like a pieces of a puzzle, initially it looks like you fit, but as you put more and more pieces together you realize that things simply don’t match up.

There’s another piece, it happens less but it happens. There’s that piece that you have and you swear you’ve tried it on all of the other pieces but it doesn’t look right. You set it aside and put the rest of the puzzle together, believing that maybe that piece was extra or a mistake. Once the puzzle is together suddenly you see a hole right where that piece belongs. When you put it there it all comes together.

I’m also realizing that just because you don’t fit in initially, doesn’t mean you don’t belong to that puzzle. When I lived in Nashville it took me a solid 9 months to get use to living there. To know where the grocery store was. Find friends that I could bond with. Simply just find out where in the puzzle of Nashville I belonged. It wasn’t that I didn’t belong in that puzzle, I just had to find out where I belonged.

All of this I suppose is a big metaphor for life. Where in this puzzle called life do we belong? We try and pair up with different pieces and see if that’s the right fit, or we look and see if we belong in another section of the puzzle. The sucky part is that we don’t have a box to look at. Once again I don’t have the answers or a box to go by.


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