Let them climb!

So if you know me at all, which most of you do, you know I have a crazy kid by the name of Toby. One of the thing I admire about my Tasmanian devil is his fearlessness. I’ve seen this kid jump off of steps without hesitating, crash head first into me, run around with a blanket over his head. Now, I’m not vouching for how smart he is but simply his fearlessness. Ever since Toby realized that climbing was an option, he was game. Right now I can proudly say there isn’t anything on the playground that he is afraid of.

The thing that I can’t stand are the over protective parents that won’t allow their kid to fall, fail, experiment and try again. I was at the playground earlier this week and saw a little girl and her parents there. The little girl was easily older and bigger than Toby. This girl goes climbing up something that Toby mastered last summer and the mom freaks out. She yells and goes running over to the girl. The problem is that the girl was doing great till her mom yelled and came rushing over! The little girl got panicked because of her mom yelling and rushing at her and she almost lost her balance and fell off.

About this time last year Toby went down a slide head first. What happened? He smashed face first into the wood chips! He got up. Spit out some wood. Brushed himself off. The next time we went down head first, he threw out his hands and slowed himself down to a stop. Kids learn. They learn from mistakes, like we all do. What’s are jobs as parents? Be there to pick them up, brush them off and support them the next time they want to slide head first.

Oh and I hate the parents that won’t let their kid climb up slides. Seriously, did we all forget what it was like to be a kid and climb up a slide? How fun it was to try and do in a crappy pair of shoes as your feet slide from under you? Honestly, how about you teach your kid manners, that way they know when they can climb up and when they need to wait their turn. If no one is on the slide, let them climb!

Toby vs. Playground

Toby vs. Playground


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