It was necessary

It’s hard to say goodbye sometimes, but many times its necessary. Back in 2006, I decided that I was going to move to Nashville, Tn. It was a crazy decision. On the surface it looked like a rash decision. What many people didn’t see was my fascination with Tennessee that I had for years. They didn’t see or hear how many times I commented on wanting to move there some day. The goodbyes were hard though. I had to say goodbye to my family and to some awesome friends. I had to walk away from a youth group that I was volunteering at. In the end though, I needed to move there. I needed to get out and see the world. It was necessary.

About four years later, I decided to move back to Pennsylvania. The trip was insane. What normally takes about 10 hours turned into 15 hours. I drove a huge moving truck and my wife drove her car and our new born baby. We had to stop every 2 hours to feed and change Toby. Again, like the time before our decision to move seemed rash on the surface. What people didn’t see were the countless hours of conversations on moving. The “pros” and “cons” lists that were made. Just like before, we found it necessary. We had to move. Again the goodbyes were hard. I had to say goodbye to the “A-team” and “Expedition Kids” and some amazing people down there.

Right now, I’m moving again. From being married to being single. This might be the roughest move of all. For many of you the decision seems rash once again. Again, you didn’t see and hear the hours of talks, the emotions that were felt, the issues discussed. The goodbyes are different but still hard. I have to say goodbye to my wife. I have to say goodbye to my married self. Just like before it will be hard. Yet again though, it’s necessary. Something that I need to do.


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