Ahhhh a mouse!!

First, I try not bombard you guys with a ton posts. So in respect I am sorry for seemingly back to back posts. Anyways, here goes…

A few months ago I had a mouse in my living room. I reacted like any grown 31yr old man. I jumped up and screamed like a little girl and ran into the bed room and climbed on top of my bed. This was not my finest hour. I do have a small explanation though. Once when I was probably 13 or 14 I accidentally stepped on a mouse and killed it. It was the craziest thing. However, ever since then I believed that all of the rodents, especially mice, were out to seek revenge on me. Now, I know… I’m crazy! Yeah I think we may have established that in some previous posts. Eventually, I was able to catch and kill three mice that were living in the house. I was still kind of skiddish as I picked up the traps.

A week ago I was siting in the “man cave” and I saw a small shadowy figure scamper across the floor next to my recliner. What did I do this time? Nothing. I sat there. Watched it run away and go back to its little home. The next day I set some traps with peanut butter, apparently this is the catnip mice, and in a few days I caught my space invader.

I’m entering into a very uncertain and scary time in my life. This is probably the most uncertain I’ve been in over a decade. I posted previously, Embracing the moment, that I am a planner. I figure stuff out before it happens. With this uncertainty quite honestly I am scared out of my wits. Yes, even more scared than I was of mice. I am hoping that when it’s all said and done I can face this uncertainty and come face to face with it and not flinch. I think I have too much on the line to flinch. Maybe I am putting too much undo pressure on myself but right now, it’s me staring down a mouse… I’ll be damned if I am gonna let the mouse win.


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