Family history

Ever know something but not really know it until you know it? Kinda like a fact someone says that you know that you knew some place in the back of your mind but it didn’t really surface until someone said something? Ok, maybe I’m the crazy one. If you can’t relate, I’m sorry? Or good for you?

Well I knew something but didn’t really realized that I knew it. (Yeah… You can sort that one out on your own) The thing I realized is that Toby is literally my only known blood relative. If you read my page “Who am I?” Then you know that I’m adopted. I might have a brother or sister out there. My biological parents might still be alive. I may have a wise old grandparent peddling a bike in Pusan.

For all I know tho is that my blood line starts and ends with Toby and I. It’s crazy when I have to go see a doctor, which is next to never, not because I don’t have to go but because I pretty much refuse to go, and they ask you those questions about family history. The good news is that I can pretty much ignore them and leave them blank because… As far as I know, I am my family history. Toby had a little bit more to go on. He can base half his info on his mom but as for getting anything from me, he’ll have to wait and see what will happen to me. Haha

I think deep down I knew this. I think deep down this maybe one of the major reasons why I cherish Toby so much. Knowing that really in the end, he’s the one person in this world that I have the most biologically in common with. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be blood to be family, if anyone knows that it’s me. It’s just amazing, scary, crazy, and awesome to know that Toby and I have a connection that runs as deep as blood. Together we are starting our own family history.


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