My second job

I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to not have to work two jobs at once. I know many people who either choose to do so or need to do so. For you, I give you so much credit. My brain is fried just after doing my one job, couldn’t imagine having to switch gears and do a totally different job. Yet… I do have a second job.

My second job is Toby. It’s insane sometimes to come home and see him running toward the door. What’s even crazier is how much I can change from getting out of my car to picking him up. As I drive home and get out of my car, all I can do is think about just maybe taking a quick nap if Toby went down for his late. However, the days I come home and this little ball of terror comes crashing towards me screaming “Dad… Come on look… Dinosaur!” My mood, my energy level, my out look changes in an instant.

The other night I was putting him down to sleep. I discussed this in a previous blog… Our night time ritual… You and Me. This night I laided down beside him and told him that I loved him. Like so many times before he replied “I wove you Dadda”. This time tho something stuck in my mind and I asked myself “does he even know what love is?” Of course the answer is that no he doesn’t. But then that’s my job isn’t it? My second job. Or really is it my first job? To teach him what love is. To show him what love is. So one day when he does say it, he’ll know exactly what it means.

Side note… As promised I did update my “Who am I” page a couple of days ago … You find it HERE


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