A stark reminder

It’s hot. Really hot. Pretty sure this is the hottest weather I’ve ever experienced. I have on a cheap pair of sunglasses and a faded green safari hat I picked up just for this trip. I move quickly to my left. I kick the shiny new soccer ball and watch as it goes flying towards a 7yr old Mexican boy. Gracefully, he cradles the ball with his foot, taps the ball left, then right and left again. By the time I realized it he has gotten pasted me and is poised to score.

I’ve done three mission trips to Mexico. Twice I went to help build “houses”. By “houses” I mean one room buildings that are the size of a common shed. As much as these are sheds to you and I, they were mansions compared to the tin roof, stick supported lean-tos that the majority of the families were living in. The other trip I took was a medical based trip. The group I went with helped to provide basic medical treatment that you or I take for granted at a med express.

Earlier today I was feeling down. Sad. Liz had taken Toby to a friends house and I was at home alone. The woe-is-me statements began to filter through my thought process. I got a text from a friend asking me how my day was going. It was enough to break the snowball of negative thoughts rolling downhill in my mind. I evaluated my day, my situation, the moment. I got to sleep in while Liz watched Toby. I made an awesome brunch for Toby and I. Now here I was sitting in a comfy house, watching a TV show on my TV.  In that moment I realized how fortunate I really was.  How amazing life really is.  I thought back on those mission trips and how hard life is for so many people.  Not just internationally, but here in the states as well.  I am ashamed and amazed by how selfish we can be as humans.  This summer for me is pretty much booked.  Right now in my mind I am rolling around the idea of doing another mission trip in the summer of 2014.  My hope is not to satisfy my own moral compass by saying I “gave back” by doing a mission trip, but to give myself a stark reminder of what I have so that I can hopefully give back, even when I’m not doing a mission trip.

Playing "futbol" in Mexico

Playing “futbol” in Mexico


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