Bear Grylls and Keanu Reeves teach me a lesson

So if you don’t know me, I’m a huge sports nut. Almost could be categorized as a sports nerd. I love the Pittsburgh Steelers, Duke Blue Devils and UGA football. I am constantly impressed with athletes like LeBron, Tiger, Williams Sisters and Messi. As much as I love sports, I generally dislike many of the crappy sports movies that have come out. The remake of The Longest Yard… Blah. Thunderstruck (Staring Kevin Durant) … Really???

One movie I have found to be underrated, stars not a popular sports athlete but one air headed and absent minded actor know for his distant distracted gaze and saying “whoa”. Yes, I’m talking about Keanu Reeves. He stars in a movie called the Replacements. It’s of course a ragtag bunch that comes in and plays in a pro football league when the “real” players go on strike. Reeves plays a quarterback by the name Shane Falco. He’s loser QB that squandered his chance at being legit and now lives in a houseboat.

Ok, I know at this point I am losing a few readers so I’ll move things along. So, the coach of the replacement players asks the team what are their biggest fears. Falco aka Reeves, answers quicksand. He goes on to explain that he fears things going wrong and the more he struggles the more things just go wrong. So wrong to the point in which you can’t breathe. The pressure of the sand is too much. Ever have one of those days? Weeks? Months? Years? I think we can all relate.

The craziest part about quicksand that most quicksand pits are only a few feet deep. So if you sink to the bottom you probably won’t die but you will be stuck pretty good. Just don’t go falling face first and unconscious into a pit. Now, here’s the twisted part, if you get pulled out too fast, you can actually get ripped in half. Yeah, messed up. Bear Grylls said during of his shows to get out of quick sand you have to move slowly. Don’t panic and move too fast or you will simply sink faster. Move at a nice steady pace and eventually you can work yourself free by trying you pull your legs to the surface and crawling across to safety.

Right now I feel like I am in quicksand at times. I feel stuck. I feel like I am sinking. Sometimes I sink faster and other days I sink slower. The days where the shit hits the fan I definitely feel myself sinking, struggling harder to stay afloat, which cause me to sink even faster and deeper. Other days I push myself slowly through the muck and inch ever closer to safety. The issue is I always find myself sinking again the next day.

I am beginning to realize that sometimes I just need to slow down. Don’t quit, but don’t make things worse by fighting, struggling, flailing about causing the quicksand to pull me in deeper. It’s incredible how quickly things can go from bad to worse and from worse to suffocating. I see myself grasping at people around and almost pulling them into my quicksand. That’s another danger of quicksand, because it so thick if someone tries to pull you out, chances are you are gonna pull them in. It’s crazy, but this quicksand I find myself in, I need to get out of it. I’m not risking pulling others in. So if I don’t reach out and grab your hand or I even limit my contact with you, it’s cuz I don’t want to pull you in. I will say, feel free to shout from the sidelines and keep cheering me on. One day, I’ll crawl out of this pit.

Bear Grylls – Quicksand


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