I can’t be the only one!

So I know I’m not the only one to ever run into someone and recognize their face but literally have no idea who they are! I was at the park the other day with Toby and I saw someone I “knew” and by “knew” I mean I know I went to high school with them, saw them probably everyday at school, knew their name but in that exact moment at the park I have NO IDEA WHO THE HECK THEY ARE!! Then there is the awkward glances. The small talk of “oh how old is your kid..” “Oh he’s almost three…yours?” Neither of us saying others name because we both know… Neither of us KNOWS! Yet, we are too chicken to ask! Why??!!

For some cosmic reason we are afraid! Of what? Looking foolish. Even though we both know that other doesn’t know our names. There is still a chance, a chance that they know and they are waiting to see if you know their name. (I may have confused myself there). Seriously though! Isn’t that what’s holding us back? We don’t want to be the person who doesn’t remember.

So what happens? The small talk continues. It ends. Awkward goodbyes. And then… Oh then… It’s like a treasure hunt! You are texting, Facebook messaging, face timing, whatever you can to figure out who that person was. The worst though, is thinking you know the name. Thinking that you are about 99% sure their name is…. Then finding out you were TOTALLY WRONG! Man. Come on people! I can’t be the only one! A couple of comments of support would be nice! Oh and thanks to Candi for helping me figure out who the other person was! Kudos!


One thought on “I can’t be the only one!

  1. Of course we all go through that. As a matter of fact, I ran into someone at the gym on Tuesday that I “knew”. She may have known who I was but I honestly have no idea of her name or even where I knew her from, so I can’t even go on a Facebook hunt to figure out who she is. So, you are definitely not the only one 🙂

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