First Blog

“Now what?” Toby asks me as I pin him down with my hands. Toby and I have been wrestling for about 10minutes now. I’ve picked him up and slammed him down countless times. No, Toby is not some drunk I got into a bar fight with. He’s my almost 3yr old son. He and I wrestle on a nightly basis. He calls it “Get dad.” I grab him and toss him on the couch, power bomb him from my shoulders and chase him down. The entire time he laughs his head off.
This time I have him pinned. He cannot move. He smiles and looks at me and asks “now what?” The question resonates in my mind. In the midst of some major personal changes and pressure from work, I feel myself being pinned down and asking the same question “now what?” The issue I suppose is that I have no idea. No idea what’s next. I’m pinned with seemingly no way out.
I’m hoping that this blog can help me wade through my issues. This blog can help me vent. A place where I can get out the thoughts that are rolling around upstairs. This isn’t a place for right or wrong, this is just my perspective. If you agree then awesome, if you don’t agree then awesome. Feel free to post responses, as long as you’re respectful. Hopefully we can figure out “now what?” Together.


4 thoughts on “First Blog

  1. A blog really is a great way to let go of some steam…especially if you don’t really have one person you can always go to vent with. I look forward to reading!

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